Rev. Ray Martin Interim:  First Service January 26.to September 28.

The Estate of Kathleen T. Cox:  has given a sizeable gift to our church.  As most of you will remember, last year before her death, she gave $20,000 to our church.  We are praising the Lord for people like Mrs. Cox who are willing to designate such a gift to the Lord's Church.  We would like to thank Mrs. Cox's family for this most generous gift.  May God richly bless you is our prayer.

David Lowery resigned:  ...music director's last Sunday, June 16.  We wish David and Vickie well in their new church.  Let's be praying that God would lead us to the person who would be a blessing to our church to lead us.  Our music committee is Mary Daniel, Norman Vanhook and Vivian McCombs.

Rev. Randall Collins Called:  As you know the Pastor Search Committee has been work for sometime searching for a full time pastor for our church.  Through much prayer and diligent work.  God has led us to a man who we wold like to present to the church for a vote next Sunday, September 14.  Rev. Randall Collins, Sr. will come and bring a message to us in the morning service and afterwards the church will vote to call him.  We appreciate all of your prayer for the committee over the past months.  A letter is available to all members detailing more information about Rev. Collins and his wife, Martha.

Dinner for Rev. Ray & Annette Martin:  Next Sunday, September 28, we will have a dinner immediately following the morning worship service.  This will be to honor Ray & Annette for their ministry with us over the past several months.  Let them know how much you appreciate them for the love and care the have shown to us at NLBC.  They have truly been a blessing to all of us.  We hate to lose them so lets pray that God will direct them to stay on and continue worshipping with us.  Please bring a well filled food basket.


Revival:  Sunday thru Wednesday.  Special music by the Choir, SonRise Trio, Pat Dunn, Men's Quartet & Vivian McCombs

Evangelist Robert Winecoff Preaching:  May 2;...is a native of the Carolina's.  He now resides in Greenville.  He was stated in his late teens.  Evangelist Winecoff has served as music director and as youth pastor.  He has san in many churches through out the USA and in foreign countries.  He has also appeared on the Old Time Gospel Hour and also at the national Quarter Convention in Louisville, KY.

Organist Frances Cox turns over organ to Loretta Beacham:  July 4, 2004


Revival:  17-20 April; "Beyond Our Walls", Sunday Am, Speaker Rev Bill Peacock, retired IMB Missionary to Korea.  Special Music by Bill Peacock.  Sunday PM Rev. Steve Rutledge, NGBA Mission Director; special music;  Monday, Rev. Robert Flemming, Pastor of Cox Chapel Baptist Church; Special Music by Mrs. Tammy Greene; Tuesday, Rev Terry Greene, Pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church and Wednesday, Rev. Robert Lockaby, Pastor of Walnut Grove Baptist Church; Special music by Walnut Grove Musicians.

James Mayo Music Director:  First service on 13 March last service on June.

Allen Cox Music Director:  First service on September 11.  Still serving as NLBC music director!

New Pianist and no more Organist:  Genobia Hall's long pianist service ended on October 16.  Loretta Beachman became pianist and is still serving as NLBC pianist today!


Beloved Joe Dorriety Remembered:  22 October; The flowers are in honor and recognition of Joe Dorriety.  Whom we all loved and respected. His faithful service and dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ will be remembered forever.  Our love and prayers are with each member of the family.  "Casting all your cares upon Him for He cares for you."  1 Peter 5:7


Rev.  Randall Collins, Sr. resigns at the end of 2008.


Jim Bates Interim Pastor:  On January 25, Jim Bates who is an associate Professor at North Greenville University, will be coming to New Liberty to be or interim pastor.  Be in prayer for him as he brings us wonderful messages about the Lord.

Benefit for the Phillips Family:  On February 28, 8:00-2:00 Pm, NLBC will have a bake sale, hot dog and yard sale to support Jessie and her family in recovering from the fire that destroyed their home on February 13, 2009.

Pastor Tim Butler:  started in August and is currently serving today.  Pastor Tim was raised in Ohio; went to college then joined the army.  He married Kristie Westgard in December 1978.  They stayed in the army for nearly 25 years;, when he was called into the ministry.  He retired and attended Midwestern Theology Seminary in Kansas City.  His first church was while attending seminary; Amsterdam Baptist Church was 70 miles south of Midwestern.  Shortly after seminary the Butler's where called to Kristie's home state of North Dakota,  Pastor Butler was called to First Baptist Church of Mandan from 2003-2009.  God moved the Butler's to South Carolina in January 2009.  The Butler's are blessed with eight children.


David Cox's Mission Trip to Niger:  David Cox is our Mission Support Project.  He is leaving May 31 for Niger, Africa and returning July 31. Please pray for David in several way:  Stay in God's will.  Obedience to God.  Safety.  And success in spreading The Good News. David will be working with these people both spiritually and physically (farming).  Few are Christians and most have never heard the name of Jesus.  There is something about that name....Jesus.  Very powerful and convicting.  Pray that many will hear and follow as believers.  On August 28 David shared with the church a great testimony about his trip to Niger. 


New Fellowship Building Heating & Cooling System:  Nov 2011, Norman Vanhook, Charles Cannon and Jimmy Christmas changed the heating and air condition system in the Fellowship Building to reduce the cost of heating and cooling.  They replaced the old A/C and oil based heat with a new heat pump system.  This included new electric box, wiring and vents.  Charles helped with the purchasing and transportation.  Jimmy installed the main system.  Norman helped in the installation, wiring, venting, and finish touches.  The system cost $ 8,500 and will save 50% on the churches monthly utilities.  Thank you!

Spring Revival- May 6-8, Rev. Martin Preaching:  On the morning of the first day of revival, Mitchel Kane and Teresa Kelly where baptized and Sandra Cox joined the church.  Sunday evening, May 6th, the revival service started with the baptism of Dana Dermid , then Stephanie Epps sang and Rev Martin preached on "Stepping on Your Toes - God Answers Prayers (PS 104) and Lacking Wisdom (James 1:5-8)."  Monday Evening, May 7th, Sammy Benson sang and Rev Martin preached on 'Pray, Seek, and Find" (Mark 2:17).  On Tuesday, May 8th, the last day, DeWayne Pruitt sang and Rev Martin preached on "3-D; self-surrender to God" (John 21).  The revival closed with many at the alter praying and Rev. Martin and his wife Annette joining New Liberty!